Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching begins with a vision or strong desire. What do you really want? This is the fuel that drives your ability to change or breakthrough and experience new levels of joy, creativity, satisfaction, and achievement.

Our Personal Coaching focuses on developing a program tailored specifically to your needs and what you want to accomplish.  Everyone is different, everyone learns in different ways, everyone has different needs, and when these factors are applied to learning in action, everyone can achieve what they desire at the most efficient way for them.

Generating a quantum leap in living fully.
Living Powerfully with focus.

Learning in action is different. Take for example learning how to ride a bike. Regardless of all the studying and learning the physical dynamics of riding a bike that you may do, it takes being on the bike to discover balance.  Yet in the same way, once you are able to ride a bicycle, a whole new set of opportunities and action open up with this new capability. You can now even innovate with this possibility, like doing a wheelie (something I use to always do) and other innovative riding techniques along with riding with friends, racing, or moving into other types of riding like dirt bike riding.  That is what personal coaching does for you, it opens up whole new vistas of possibilities.

This type of coaching and skill development are for those people that want to take a quantum leap from where they are.  They are interested in expanding and living a more fuller life. At the same time, it gives you a significant competitive advantage.


What does working with us look like?

The first step is to sit down and have an in-depth conversation to determine what specifically you want.  The insights that occur out of that conversation further clarifies and enriches your goals and objectives of our work together.  Then a program is developed specifically for you with very specific developmental objectives.  We review that program in detail to ensure that we are on the same page and that you are both challenged and excited about the journey you are about to take.

Change that lasts takes time, so typically the program takes 6 months but can be adjusted based on your specific objectives.  We meet every 2 weeks for an hour or so and you will have practices to do between those 2 weeks along with some reflective writing to support the learning.  You are supported throughout the program and have access to us as needed.

New to this type of work?

If you are new to this work and are interested, let’s set up a time to have an exploratory conversation to see if personal coaching is appropriate for you at this time.  If interested, click this link to schedule a conversation.

Logistics of working together

We can work in person or via video conference or a combination of both.