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David Martin

Below is a partial presentation made by David Martin on July 23, 2022. The title of the presentation was “2027:  The Next Big Financial Disruption”

This segment focuses on the status of the US Monetary System.


You can view the whole video via the Arlington Institute. This video his report on the current state of our financial system.  You can verify this on your own.


Edward Dowd

Another perspective from Edward Dowd.  Edward Dowd is a former equity portfolio manager for Blackrock and hedge fund guru. He claims to have witnessed “many frauds” in his career. Entering the COVID pandemic in 2020 he and his financial community colleagues were already wondering when the post-2008 “big global debt party would end” and they were “trying to figure out what would occur to usher it in.

The debt has grown so big that at some point the “credit system” is at the end of it’s days! As one country defaults it will “set off a chain if events” that the money authorities can’t control.

Short take of the whole interview between Dr. Joseph Mercola and Edward Dowd.


Here is the link to the whole interview.

Home Septic System Failure & Alternative for Recovery

Would you like to learn how to avoid costly septic field repairs?  Then continue reading.

The leading cause of septic field failure

In speaking to different companies related to my septic system which was being inspected and pumped out, I learned about why septic systems fail and the new technology that can address one specific issue and save a significant amount of money and be better for the environment. 

You must have your septic tank pumped every 2 to 3 years as recommended by Westchester County and it must be filed by the contractor pumping out your septic.  

In simple terms, a septic system is made up of a septic tank for solids and leach fields for the wastewater. The solids are pumped out and the wastewater goes through several filters including the land around the leach fields recycling the sewage back into the environment.  Unless a tank breaks or the leach fields are impacted by external factors (tree roots, excavating, etc) the system will continue to work.  

The one factor that is of a natural occurrence that is the leading cause of the leach fields to fail is the build-up of biomat.  Biomat is an anaerobic (does not require high levels of oxygen) bacteria layer which forms in the soil around the leach fields where the wastewater is discharged.  Depending on how this the biomat forms, usually below the leach fields first, wastewater can rise to the surface. Over time the biomat can encircle the leach field causing water to drain slowly from the home and eventually causing the wastewater to back up into the home.

You can extend the life of your leach fields by:

  • Pumping the septic tank more often reducing solids from getting into the leach fields and slowing the biomat build-up
  • Using less water (fix leaking fixtures)
  • Making sure water softeners are not backwashing too frequently
  • Limiting the use of toxic cleaning products getting into the drains

Click here: Video on why septic systems fail

If a leach field is clogged, the typical approach is to abandon the field and add a new one if the property has space.  That may be the most cost-effective approach initially, but eventually, over time, a costly repair project would be required to remove and recreate the leach fields. 

Science-Based Solution

Jerry Fife used his experience and understanding of biology and the relationship of living organisms to develop a method that utilizes the most efficient bacteria to recycle human waste. This required adding oxygen to the septic system to grow different bacteria that would:

  • Kill the bacteria of the solids in the septic tank
  • The wastewater entering the fields would be cleansed of the food for the Biomat bacteria
  • The biomat bacteria film in the leach fields would die due to lack of food, restoring the leach fields

This product is called the Pirana has been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Environment Protection under Title 5 Regulations as an innovative alternative septic-system technology.  The product has a commercial and retail version. The commercial version is installed by certified installers and the retail version can be DIY by the homeowner:

These products use the same technology, just with different distribution channels.  

For a fraction of the cost, you can install either of these systems to greatly enhance the performance of your septic system to cleanse your solids and wastewater, protecting the environment and improving the longevity of your system.

Diabetes is Reversible

Type 2 Diabetes is being reversed at a grassroots level.

Type 2 Diabetes is a worldwide growing epidemic, yet there is a grassroots effort by doctors, nutritionists, individuals, and others throughout the world reversing type 2 Diabetes.  The fact is that our standard medical approach focuses on the symptoms and not the cause which is why it is currently a progressive, chronic disease.  Yet new clinical studies are showing it can be reversed.

Here is an educational video by the Lions Clubs in my area.

To view the full-length videos that were used in the above video, please click on the links below.

Video: The Perfect Treatment of Diabetes and Weight Loss – Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt – May 2015 – 12 minutes

Ted Talk Video: Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines – Dr. Sara Hallberg – 18 Minutes – May 2015

A great source for other information is Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt website

Leverage Your Power

Here is a simple way to have an impact on your health, the economy, and the environment.

You may not know Bucky Fuller. He was an inventor, architect, and futurist in the early 20th Century. He stated to make a difference you need to find a trim tab, something that you could do that could have a significant effect.

Here is something that is simple for you to do that would allow you to have an impact on our economy, our planet, and your health? Just take a few minutes to listen to this video: What you do with your fork impacts everything by Dr. Mark Hyman

What is required as we shift to the transformational age.

Here is a 17 minute Ted Talk video by Robb Smith on what will be required to live in the 21st century and deal with the challenges facing us today. Robb is a leading social entrepreneur in human development and integral philosophy. He is CEO and co-founder of Integral Life, a digital platform supporting advanced personal development and the global trend towards meta-integrative human capacities.


How do you gauge high performance in a company?

It is essential for companies to develop high-performance cultures to be able to adapt and be responsive to changing needs of their customers and marketplace. There are 2 specific ways to identify companies that do not have a culture that supports high performance. Does your company have a high-performance culture?  If not, what is missing?  The video below describes how to make this identification and provide clarity on what is needed. 


What is the foundation for developing advanced leadership skills?

There is a leadership aspect to everything we do.  In our everyday life, we have a team of people that support us in dealing with the challenges that we face in the course of living.  There are our doctors, mechanics, school officials, teachers, financial advisors, etc.  Are you leading them to take care of you and your family? The point here is that leadership is a fundamental skill, in your life and in your profession.

If you are interested in developing advanced leadership skills, it is important to have a deeper understanding of how life occurs for us. Here is a short video that explains this further.

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