Leadership Development

The principle for our leadership development is a designed engagement based on learning in action. We provide a flexible engagement structure to meet your specific needs.  

Short-term Engagements

Our short-term commitments focused on a particular objective with specific outcomes over a well-defined time frame.   Here are examples of this type of arrangements:

  • Business Model Development or Review
  • Prepare for a board meeting or investor pitch
  • Product Design & Road-map
  • Process or Technology Assessment
  • Organizational Technology Strategy & Recommendations
  • Technology Implementation Planning and Oversight
  • Product Development Strategy Session
  • Team Development Strategy Session
  • Management Team Development Assessment
  • Developing a 6 – 12-month road-map


Leadership / Organizational Coaching

The challenge in organizations is that we all come to the workplace with different backgrounds, different expectations, experiences and expectations about how we’re supposed to work together and what needs to get done. As a result, we are prone to ineffectiveness, miscoordination, misunderstandings, and misalignment. Understanding human dynamics is an essential skill which is even more challenging when working within a diverse organization. We have solutions for the individual, teams, and for the whole organization.

Individual Leadership Coaching

This commitment is focused on developing advanced leadership skills, removing limiting beliefs, and more effectively engaging with others through leadership in action. Skills and wisdom realized during this engagement will provide returns for years to come. A compelling aspect of this program includes having a mentor walk with you through the learning process giving support during the challenges that will occur that magnify the learning.  There is nothing like real-time feedback with the ability to step back and look at the results from multiple perspectives. This program is designed in partnership with you.

Team Coaching

This program works with a team, all working in the same area with a common goal(s). The power of this program is having a goal that is important for the team to achieve combined with the coaching program. This program establishes a designed way of working together with a standard language that enables high performance as a team and individual.  This program includes both individual and group coaching that accelerates the learning. We maximize personal and team development when combined with learning in action focused on achieving specific results.

Develop Sustainable Organizational Culture of High Performance

The Collaborative Way® is for companies that want to develop an innovative, high performing culture, attract high-quality talent, and have their people be their competitive advantage. The program is designed to roll out this way of working to the entire, team, organization, or firm, creating a high-performance culture and a way to have everyone working in the same way.

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