Our Why

Our passion,  focus, and commitment are empowering people that want to have an impact in their lives, be nurtured by what they do, and deeply enjoy life for its own sake.

Why does this matter?

It matters to us and our children, to yours and mine. It is our kids that will need to deal with the new, more complex challenges that we face today.  Yet, our capacity to deal with these challenges have not kept pace with innovation and technology. The US life expectancy has stopped rising in 2012, 2 in 3 adults are obese or overweight,  and 1 out 2 Americans will have a chronic disease in less than 7 years.  We live on a planet that has limitations. How we deal with these challenges will define the quality of life for our children.

“We can not solve our current problems with the same thinking that created them.” – Einstein 

Can we transcend our egoic nature?

For the first time, we have the ability to connect to every person on the planet directly. Knowledge is now global, just google it.  This is a paradigm shift, the potential of which we are just starting to figure out.  We have enormous resources in the collective creativity and innovation in the people of this planet.  Can we tap these resources? Can we go beyond our egoic nature and tap the wisdom and caring that is our true nature to find solutions to these challenges?

We believe we can.  But it must be discovered and developed within each of us through personal development, individually and through working together with teams in a designed way.

This is something only you can do. We can help but you must bring yourself to this work, to this effort.  It is rewarding, satisfying, and truly freeing.  True learning is a discovery process, the validity of which you determine based on your experience, the new action you take, and the results that those actions produce.

I am informed by 40 years working on my own personal development, over 30 years of directing teams in large organizations, and a body of knowledge called Integral Theory, a comprehensive map of human potential.   I have also been trained and certified as a Master Integral Coach with the goal of providing lasting change to our clients.

It is our perspective that the quality of our lives is significantly enhanced when we upgrade our own personal operating system. It brings online new capacities to be, do, and have a life that expresses who you are and impacts those around you in a meaningful way.

We also know that there is a worldwide competition for jobs, you are now expected to have more than just specialized knowledge.  The skills that you develop in our programs provide you with advanced leadership skills and the ability to lead in all types of situations, personally and professionally. 

Our coaching programs are based on embodied learning. It is like muscle memory, it gets to a point where the skills are integrated into who you are, without the need to think about it.  Throughout the coaching program, we support you and facilitate your learning in action.

We are committed to your success!

Other areas of service.

Information age transitions to the age of consciousness and sustainability
Innovation and Sustainability

Mentoring: I mentor and/or judge in CleanTech organizations where I support startup companies that are solving our most challenging problems within sustainability and clean energy to become market ready.


Community Service through my participation in the Somers Lions Club
The Somers Lions Club

Community Service

I am a member of the Somers Lions Club, providing a range of local services and globally through Lions Club International.