Specialized Engagements

A Specialized Designed Engagements

A designed engagement where I work in the business to achieve a particular objective.  Here are some situations where this type of arrangement would be beneficial:

  • Your company in an expansion phase and need an experienced executive to run one or more projects. The engagement could be just for the duration of the project or until you can hire a qualified full-time person.

  • An executive leaves for health or other reasons, and you need an experienced executive or manager to run an aspect of the business and help them hire the replacement.

  • Your startup company is moving into commercialization and needs an experienced executive to execute the operations while building out the team with the CEO to make sure the new staff is appropriately trained in the required management skills needed to meet the expanding demand.

  • Your company wants specialized coaching for the executive and spend dedicated time (part or full time) in the company working in and on the company.

The advantage to the CEO is that they are getting an experience executive & manager without the commitment of a long term salary with the willingness to train existing staff as part of the engagement.  There is immediate engagement with virtually no transition time to productivity. The other advantage is that I have many skill sets that enhance the value to the CEO:

  • Project / Operations Management

  • Organizational efficiency improvement and automation

  • Product Design, Planning, & Implementation

  • Technology Optimization, Design, Development, & Implementation

  • Vendor Management

  • Sales Management

Engagements can be any length and type (part or full time) and with extensions at maturity based on mutual acceptance.

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