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David Martin

Below is a partial presentation made by David Martin on July 23, 2022. The title of the presentation was “2027:  The Next Big Financial Disruption”

This segment focuses on the status of the US Monetary System.


You can view the whole video via the Arlington Institute. This video his report on the current state of our financial system.  You can verify this on your own.


Edward Dowd

Another perspective from Edward Dowd.  Edward Dowd is a former equity portfolio manager for Blackrock and hedge fund guru. He claims to have witnessed “many frauds” in his career. Entering the COVID pandemic in 2020 he and his financial community colleagues were already wondering when the post-2008 “big global debt party would end” and they were “trying to figure out what would occur to usher it in.

The debt has grown so big that at some point the “credit system” is at the end of it’s days! As one country defaults it will “set off a chain if events” that the money authorities can’t control.

Short take of the whole interview between Dr. Joseph Mercola and Edward Dowd.


Here is the link to the whole interview.

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