Who we serve

  • Men and Women looking for a quantum leap in their capacity to make a difference
  • Men and Women in transition
  • Young Men and Women transitioning from academics to their careers
  • Executive and Managers looking for a quantum leap in their ability to impact their organization
  • Organization & Teams looking to build a culture of high performance & collaboration

The transformation of change and the increase in complexity creates an enormous demands on each of us to continue to learn and expand our capabilities.  It is not about working and pushing ourselves harder. It about developing skills and enabling our other intelligences. We are never given a challenge we can not handle, but we are demanded to grow to meet those challenges. We help people self realize to meet and exceed the challenges before them.  We call these skills and capacities Self-Actualization Leadership.

How we serve

We work with people and teams to build leadership skills and develop the knowledge needed to live powerfully on your terms and be impactful.

Leadership skills are now, in the 21st century, a core competency needed by us all to have the impact we want in our family, with friends, in our community, in our profession, and to deal with the challenges that we will have in our lives (Video: A major shift is occurring and what will be required of you).  Life is much more complex than ever before with technology and innovation driving change at an increasing rate. This change will be disruptive, and that is what is happening today on a worldwide basis.

The leadership skills that we develop with our clients go beyond leadership and enables self-actualization.  To be fulfilled, satisfied, and be truly joyous is an inside game just like discovering balance when learning to ride a bicycle.

Effective leadership requires us to step beyond our automatic, protective responses of our egos and develop deeper levels of consciousness and expand our multiple levels of intelligences by design integrated with our core values.  To some degree, this process is stripping away our protective reactive behavior to access our true nature, our caring, and capacity to be okay with ourselves regardless of the situation.  Our emotions become a new source of information and power.

Our work focuses on developing capacities in 4 major areas:

Quadrants of human knowledge and experience
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  • To know your self internally (values, emotions, consciousness, etc).
  • To have meaningful engagements with others that are forwarding and rewarding.
  • To produce results in clear and measurable ways.
  • To utilize systems and know how things fit into the larger picture.

Inside this framework, we work to increase your ability to be present (deeper levels of consciousness) and develop your intelligences associated with leadership.

We all have multiple intelligences but most are underdeveloped and are at different levels, for example:

Psychograph of human intelligence in relationship to the stage of development
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  • Cognitive
  • Intrapersonal
  • Interpersonal
  • Emotional
  • Linguistic
  • Moral
  • Spiritual
  • Somatic

What would it mean to you if you had the interpersonal and linguistic skills needed to be able to solve most any problem you face?

John Wienecke, Founder of Winning Dynamics
John Wienecke, Founder

There is much more involved, we all have egos that drive much of our automatic protective responses that require a more conscious understanding to make needed changes.

The approach to coaching individuals and teams while similar, the methodology is different.  Most organizations do not have a designed way of working together that builds trust, develops aligned action, and addresses the internal negative self-talk that eats at the organization’s effectiveness and innovation capacity.  It is easy to have a leadership style built on making demands, it takes courage to have a leadership style based on empowerment.

Whether working with an individual or a team, we develop programs tailored specifically for them based on what they want to achieve. These programs are learning in action, building the skills required, in a similar way that you learn how to ride a bicycle while having support throughout.

You can figure it out or you can stand on the shoulders of hundreds of years of knowledge and generate a quantum leap in your capacity to engage in life in a way that has more meaning to you and your organization.

To qualify as a client, you must want to change some aspect of your life or organization.  Our programs are applied learning, it requires engagement.

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