Organizational Design & Performance

We help executives achieve new levels of performance both individually and organizationally. Turning challenges into new competencies and means for engaging the creativity and commitment of their staff with the utilization of technology to maximize the capability of your workforce. Here we focus on the structure for performance which is different from our other service where we focus developing a high performing team.


Team Performance & The Collaborative Way

We all come to the workplace with different backgrounds and expectations about how we’re supposed to work together. As a result, we are prone to ineffectiveness, misunderstanding and upset. In order to create an environment conducive to collaboration, we need to design and take on learning an intentional way of working together. The Collaborative Way® is one such model. It is a simple model that provides mutual understanding and a common language, producing a powerful structure for high performance and engagement. For well over a decade, it has proven its ability to provide a critical strategic advantage and satisfying workplace.


Mentoring Start-up Companies

I am drawn to help CEOs who are working to provide services that support us in living in a sustainable way and solving the biggest challenges of our times. I love their passion, innovation and willingness to take a risk for something that is important to them. Creating products and services is what I have done for over 30 years. Being creative and sharing what I have learned along the way is important to me, my way of giving back.