About John Wienecke

John Wienecke is a visionary leader who leverages his creativity, technical expertise, and passion for user-centric design to develop innovative products and services. With a background in software engineering, John has a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams to deliver solutions that deeply connect with stakeholders and customers. He excels at identifying opportunities, challenging norms, and crafting novel solutions by harnessing emerging technologies and optimized processes.

Beyond his professional endeavors, John is committed to creating meaningful impact through community service. As an active member of the Lions Club International, he dedicates his time and resources to various community projects and health initiatives. Additionally, John helps start up companies volunteering for the Cleantech Open and as an Entrepreneur in Residence for Columbia University, supporting startup companies in commercializing their innovative technologies.

Through his involvement with both the Lions Club and Cleantech Open, John aims to inspire and empower others to make a positive difference in their communities. His guidance and support have been instrumental in nurturing the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers.

John with Bruce Lipton & Rob Williams

Experience Summary

Over 40+ years of experience in Product Service Developement

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